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Enroll your child now for Summer Fun!

Looking for summer activities for your child that will engage their interest, expand their experiences and filled with creative art opportunities?  Check out our Summer Fun Sessions, for children aged 2 ½  through 6 years of age!  Choose Summer Fun Mornings (8:45-11:45) or Full Day Summer Fun (available hours of 7:00am - 5:30pm). 

Our sessions are planned and led by experienced Early Childhood Teachers who enjoy working with young children!  Any morning, or combination of mornings (or full days) per week is available.  Snack is included. You may enroll for the entire summer (invoiced monthly) or enroll by the month.  Make-up days may be arranged for a Summer Fun absence.

Each week is a different theme for your child to explore.  Our Summer Fun Themes are:

  • SPORTS/FITNESS WEEK – Our focus this week is on exercise, obstacle courses, races, gymnastics, football, soccer, as well as dance (jazz & ballet intro), so every child can choose a way to be active and build coordination.

  • PIZZA PARLOR – Turning the classroom into a restaurant complete with Italian music, menus, red/white tablecloths, play dough pizzas, and real pizza your child makes for snack!

  • WORKSHOP DAYS – Workbenches with golf tees & styrofoam for the youngest child (up to real nails & dense foam blocks for the older) with exposure to different tools & materials.

  • ART SHOW – This week we’ll help your child explore different methods and use different colors to create beautiful pictures & objects to be framed and put on display for you to admire!

  • FIREWORKS & PICNICS – We'll celebrate our independence, creating firework art and taking advantage of beautiful summer days with picnics, popsicles, and outdoor fun!

  • JOY OF READING – Sharing some of our favorite books with your child including silly stories, animal facts, rhymes, picture books, adventures, & inviting your child to create a book.

  • AT THE BEACH – This midsummer week brings water activities, sand castles in wet sand, running through sprinklers, sailing boats, foot prints and sand art.  Bring swimsuit & towel.

  • BIBLE & DRAMA – Your child will learn how God cares for us as they hear about how God took care of the widow & her two sons through story & drama with Veggie Tale video and songs too!​​

  • CULINARY CAMP – Simple beginnings for your child to prepare tasty foods from mixing & shaping bread to designing their own fruit smoothies and assembling veggie/cheese appetizers.​​​

  • ​​SCIENCE EXPLORATION – Experiments with high-flying results (mentos & diet coke) or bubbly ones (baking soda & vinegar) or musical results (tapping partly filled water glasses), & more!

  • THE GREAT OUTDOORS – We set up a campsite, search for wild animals, go on a nature walk, enjoy s’mores, use natural items for art, and sing around the “campfire”!

  • ICE CREAM SHOPPE – Whether creating flavors of ice cream with art materials or adding topping to the real ice cream your child just made, it’s just the beginning of the activities this week.

Currently Enrolling!
Call 720-872-2200 or E-mail Us Today!


                                                       Summer Fun Enrollment Form 

      Registration/Emergency Info Form - also required for newly enrolling families



June 3 thru August 23, 2024


Mornings: Mon thru Fri 8:45 TO 11:45 AM

For Children: 2 ½ - 6 YEARS OLD


Any combination of mornings/days per week is available.  Enrollment is for the entire three month session or, if preferred, you may enroll by the month.  A Summer Fun absence may be made up by scheduling in advance with the Director.  To begin the enrollment process, simply complete our Summer Enrollment form and, if new to Little Lights, a Registration form too.

Enrolling for the entire Summer Fun session (invoiced monthly) allows you credit for an earlier end date in August, if needed, for your Kind/1st grade child leaving to begin school.


Monthly (4 week) sessions are:    

JUNE: June 3 – Jun 28

JULY: Ju1 1 – Jul 26

(Closed Thurs, Jul 4)

AUGUST: Jul 29 – Aug 23

Parent’s choice of days – any combination. Snack is included.  $25 registration fee

(for families not registered for the school year)

Summer Fun Mornings:  8:45 – 11:45am

30-36 mos
3 - 6 years
1 day p/wk
$145 p/mo
$125 p/mo
2 days p/wk
$290 p/mo
$250 p/mo
3 days p/wk
$436 p/mo
$376 p/mo
4 days p/wk
$500 p/mo
5 days p/wk
$626 p/mo

Full Day* w/Summer Fun: 7am to 5:30pm


30-36 mos
3 - 6 years
1 day p/wk
$333 p/mo
$292 p/mo
2 days p/wk
$667 p/mo
$583 p/mo
3 days p/wk
$999 p/mo
$875 p/mo
4 days p/wk
$1167 p/mo
5 days p/wk
$1458 p/mo

*Reminder to Full Day Families: 

Fees are based on 1st thru 31st of each month.  Little Lights is closed, Thurs, July 4 (Independence Day) and is closed the week of August 26th thru 30th as we prepare for the new school year.




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