Little Lights Christian Early Learning Center
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About Us

Little Lights Christian Early Learning Center is a non-profit, early childhood education center, which provides an appropriate learning environment for children 2 1/2 years of age through Pre-Kindergarten. We welcome all children who can benefit from our program.

We offer Preschool/Pre-K sessions during the school year, September through May. For the summer months we provide our Summer Fun Morning sessions. We also offer a Full Day, year round, program as well.

We exist to partner with you in surrounding your child with a loving, experience-rich environment in which to grow. Affirming that the child’s greatest resource for love, growth, and development is with their parent, we are here to help meet your child’s needs and provide additional learning opportunities.

We believe that learning results from emerging thinking abilities and the impact of the environment – not just the “environment” but the nurturing of significant adults by their timely intervention. Our center appreciates the work of NAEYC (National Association of the Education of the Young Child) in its efforts to help improve the field of early childhood education.

Our educated staff truly enjoy interacting with young children. They are dedicated to providing an environment in which your child can learn to understand their world through play, exploration, and hands-on activities, while experiencing an atmosphere of respect for one another. Through their play children gain and improve cognitive, language, social, physical, emotional and self-help skills while stimulating their intellectual curiosity and creativity as well. We value our staff and encourage their continued education.

One of the exciting things about our program is teaching children truth from the Bible. They are learning that God loves them, Jesus is their friend, and that they are unique.

Also, we are an “early learning center” versus a “daycare”. Early learning more accurately labels what we are about – desiring to use every moment throughout your child’s day to provide them opportunities for learning and growing.

Board of Directors:
Name: Field of Experience: Email:
Angela Dean Kindergarten Teacher
Tanya McPherson Pre-K Teacher, Assistant Director
Arlene Masterson Early Childhood Teacher, Director
Medical Consultant:
Sara Wilson Physicians’ Assistant/Pediatrics
Director:  Arlene Masterson
Pre-K Teachers: Margaret Rodenberger
Elizabeth Barnes
Brenda Robbins
Michelle Kurtz
Preschool Teachers: Brenda Hoyt
Jen Schreck
Michelle Kurtz
Amanda Thompson
Teacher Assistants: Bobbie Harris
Lauren Rodenberger